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Reviews From Some Of Our Happy Customers

So I bought this Neck Massager a few weeks ago. Was a bit skeptical about the whole online buying thing, especially during this time. But when I tried it out I can't tell you how happy I was. I put it on and within 15 minutes I felt a difference, this is amazing!


Use this everyday and it's great! I do a lot of work on my computer and my posture isn't the best, but this saved me. After a long work period, I lay down and just relax. Feels amazing, thank you NeckRepose!


This is a lifesaver during quarantine. This helped with my back/neck pain and improved my posture. Feels very nice too especially with the remote and heating. 


Came In the mail quick, they shipped within a few hours and when it arrived, looked and worked amazing. Bought one for myself and my dad for fathers day. Now we can both relax during quarantine:) 


Honestly this is great. I don't buy many things online and always go in stores, but now I cant. I got used to buying online but still feel a bit hesitant. After buying this, I was a bit nervous, but I'm so glad I did it. I Love this thing.


Feels amazing! Took a couple weeks to arrive and when it did, I was so happy. I have been feeling pain in my neck for some time now and this helped me a lot. I feel more active, energetic and comfortable everyday. Bought another one for my husband and he loves it too.


I like the product a lot. This is really one of the greatest massagers I've tried. The quality and results justify the price ten fold. I would honestly recommend this if you're in the market.  

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